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In late Spring 2021, I walked out of the front door of my house in Baltimore, MD and began riding my bike.  First, I rode over to Cape Henlopen, DE and touched my tires in the Atlantic Ocean.  After that, I turned west and didn't stop until I hit the Pacific Ocean at Rialto Beach near Forks, WA on the Olympic Peninsula. 

The entire trip was 4428 miles across 15 states and took 75 days.  There were 9 rest days and 66 days of riding.  I had 23 flat tires, replaced 4 tires, and had 1 broken shifter cable.  I went through 3 cans of sunscreen, wore out 1 pair of cycling shorts, and drank innumerable bottles of Gatorade.  I experienced absolutely no regrets about the journey, but did have a number of days where I wished for cooler weather.

The great thing about a bike is that you can cover enough distance to get places, yet you are moving slow enough to give you time to process everything that you see.  It wasn't easy, but it was totally worthwhile.  When I reached the Pacific Ocean, I was extremely happy, but a bit sad at the same time because I did not want this experience to end.

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